How it all started

Ashley Ash wanted to find an at home work solution for her family. With the world in the midst of a pandemic and shortages of work everywhere, she needed something to support  her growing family. With a passion for sewing and design Five Little Wildlings was made!

We are proudly Canadian. All items are inspired by our family and friends. All items are built for play and are made affordable for the average family.

It is our dream to be able to hire on more stay at home moms and give more moms employment options. Stay tuned and watch our mom army grow!

Why Five Little Wildlings? 🍃

Our family is the core of our universe. They are our reason for being, our inspiration and our number one support system. We are a family that loves the outdoors, the beauty of nature and we love a good adventure.

“A Wildling”- a wild plant, animal or flower 🏞

When each one of our little Wildlings came into this world we assigned them each an animal that we thought connected with their energy. Each  animal has unique characteristics and values that it represents. It is funny for us to watch as our children grow and fall into these similar characteristics!

Learn about our inspiration behind our brand. Our little; Rabbit, Racoon, Owl, Deer and soon to be hedgehog 🐇🦝 🦉 🦌  🦔

Meet Our Wildlings

Our Rabbit 🐇

Cleverness and Creativity, mixed with a touch of shyness. Our first Wildling, Sadie is a kind hearted bright girl. She is shy in new surroundings but once she warms up her true colours shine. Sadie is always sharing her ideas and solutions to our everyday family life. She is a wonderful big sister and watches out for her younger Wildlings.

Sadie enjoys being a part of our small business, from helping making bows to picking out fabrics!

Our Racoon 🦝

Calm under pressure, curious, and courageous. Our Racoon, Jackson, is cool as a cucumber, always asking questions and is always fearless. Jackson enjoys any kind of athletic pursuit, learning and exploring the outdoors. Jackson is our funny kid and loves making all his fellow wildlings laugh!

Jackson is also very kind and is always coming to check on how mama bear is doing when she is working.

Our Owl 🦉

Wise and intuitive. Our grumpy old owl, James, is 40 in a 3 year old body. Full of catch phrases and bright ideas, James thinks in a way like no other. He is wise for his years and those of you who know him, know the special place he touches in everyone hearts that he meets.

James is our number one helper. He always wants to work with mama, whether he’s pressing a button on the sewing machine or cutting strings. He’s always so happy to help.

Our Deer 🦌

Soft, gentle and full of Grace. Well...those who know Nora, will laugh because she is the least true to her animal compared to her other wildlings. Nora is full of fire, she is sassy and the farthest thing from gentle. However, ever since Nora has been able to move, she moves with grace. She loves to dance to any music that’s on.

Nora also loves to “help” but ends up being my number one mess maker! We

Wouldn’t have it any other way as we

Are always laughing at all the silly things she does!

Our Hedgehog 🦔

Energy, uniqueness and individuality are the traits of the hedgehog. Tiny & might, simple and sweet. Our little Josie has definitely arrived and stolen all of our hearts with her sweet little smiles.