The Cameron Crew designed to be a comfy & cozy sweater great for indoor play & outdoor adventures. Graphic is designed by FLW & made from digital screen ink. It is durable & long lasting.

Gets YEARS out of your child’s wardrobe instead of months! Our Grow with Me items are made to grow with your child. Designs include an arm or leg cuff that unrolls to extend the life of your child’s clothes as they grow. Available in three sizes. 

60% cotton 40% modal





Model Age 3 years old wearing 4-7Y

Photo captured by Jodie Schaefer photography

Sizes fit “most” in the age ranges. Clothing fits baggier in the beginning years of the size and will have a more fitted look as the child grows into the later years of the size. For more information regarding sizing please visit our size guide page. 

Wild Crewneck Sweater

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